Pertamina EP bags award for oil and gas occupational safety

This is deemed crucial to earn the trust of stakeholders and the support of the community around the operational area

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry for Energy and Mineral Resources bestowed the Patra Nirbhaya Karya award on Pertamina EP Asset 4 and Asset 3 to acknowledge its efforts in oil and gas occupational safety.

Operational Director of PT Pertamina EP Chalid Said Salim highlighted the importance of optimal, effective, and efficient operational asset management for the sustainability of Pertamina’s Upstream activities everywhere.

“This is deemed crucial to earn the trust of stakeholders and the support of the community around the operational area,” Salim affirmed in a statement received here, Wednesday.

He expounded that the application of Pertamina EP’s operational safety commitments pertained to sound engineering principles and the safety of oil and gas operations that encompass the safety of workers, the public at large, installations, and the environment.

The Patra Nirbhaya Karya award was bestowed at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta, on Tuesday (Nov 26) by Acting Director General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Djoko Siswanto on 78 winners from 69 upstream and downstream oil and gas business entities.

He was accompanied by the Ministry’s Director of Oil and Gas Engineering and Environment, Adhi Wibowo.

“The conferment of the Oil and Gas Work Safety Award is in the context of coaching and is intended to commend the success of a company in ensuring the continuity of work safety in oil and gas business activities,” Wibowo stated.

He also elaborated that the Oil and Gas Safety Award was bestowed in line with Oil and Gas Law No. 22 of 2001, Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation No.35 of 2004, Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation No.36 of 2004 and referring to Regulation of the Minister of Mines and Energy Number 516 K / 38 / M.PE / 89.

In the meantime, Acting Director General Djoko Siswanto lauded the corporations and cooperation contractors’ efforts in maintaining safety in their endeavors.

“We, from the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, continue to foster oil and gas safety. Safety must be maintained, and it should be the responsibility of each and every party, since if an accident occurs, not only would it harm the individual but also the company and surrounding environment,” he stated.

Siswanto further expressed hope that this knowledge, enthusiasm, and awareness of safety would be spread to the rest of oil and gas workers.

“Hopefully, this safety culture would be transmitted to the surrounding environment since sometimes, accidents are caused by those around us, who do not understand safety. For example, those who conduct illegal drilling since they did not realize that it could be very dangerous,” he added.